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Join the Scene: Saturday April 16 J.P. Shopping Spree/J.P. Esta Todo Aquí »

Residents, organizations and businesses of Jamaica Plain are rallying to increase awareness and support of their many locally owned businesses. Please encourage all to come out for this event: J.P. Shopping Spree -- Saturday April 16th/J.P. Esta Todo Aquí - Sábado, 16 de Abril

Also, join the kickoff event at noon on the 16th in front of Crystal Market in Jackson Square!
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Fresh Local Meat Available at the Plaza »

Thanks to Jamey Lionette's efforts, his Jamaica Plain community has access to more healthy local food at affordable prices. For several months, Jamey has helped Harry Perez, owner of Plaza Meat Market in Egleston Square, bring in whole hogs and other local meat.
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Big AG vs. Sustainable Farming »

Can sustainable farming feed the world? This is a question that is often brought up in discussions about Big Ag vs. Local Sustainable, Family Farming. In his recent New York Times article, Mark Bittman takes on the debate.
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