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Leading the Local Food Movement in the Boston Area

ALLocal Dinners

ALLocal Dinners are unique events – with ALL standing for Absolutely Local and Luscious.  During these evening events, all food served by the locally owned restaurant will be locally sourced, whether it is January or July!  We define Local as starting at the restaurant stretching out through Massachusetts and staying within New England.


One of Boston Local Food’s goals is to encourage diverse restaurants in metro Boston to include more local food on their menus.  ALLocal Dinners are fun evenings that challenge everyone involved to expand their perceptions and boundaries about local food.  ALLocal Dinners bring together local food leaders and enthusiasts for collaborative conversation and a delicious meal at a locally owned restaurant.  ALL ingredients are locally sourced, produced, delivered and prepared locally-right down to the salt. Some chefs are leaders in the local food movement, while others have never tried it.


If you have suggestions for new locations, please contact Taryn at  Generally we seek restaurants of all types of cuisine that are locally owned, large enough for 60+ guests, accessible through public transportation and eager to learn ways to include more local food in their menus.


Most Recent Dinner:

ALLocal Social at Dillon’s Restaurant & Bar


Summary of Previous Dinners

Since 2009, Boston Local Food has organized ALLocal Dinners in a variety of venues:

The Fireplace – Brookline, MA
Upstairs in the Square – Cambridge, MA
Nourish – Lexington, MA
The Independent – Somerville, MA
Ashmont Grill – Dorchester, MA
Restaurant Laura – Dorchester, MA
Home of Garden Girl – Roxbury, MA
Channel Cafe – S. Boston, MA
Flatbread Company-Somerville, MA
Evoo – Cambridge, MA
Sel de La Terre – Boston, MA
Nourish – Lexington, MA
Local 149- Boston, MA
Granary Tavern- Boston, MA
Dillon’s Restaurant & Bar- Boston, MA

Each event varies in menu, atmosphere, size and location, but all are great adventures for the restaurant hosts and guests.  Restaurant chefs have fun developing creative all local menus, discovering available foods and new suppliers and interacting with enthusiastic eaters.  Guests devour delicious, healthy local food and drink, learn more about their part in strengthening the local food system and expand their connection to new local friends and eateries.