Massachusetts Eat Local Month is focused on promoting restaurants that commit to sourcing locally. This month will feature live events, delicious special menu items, educational opportunities about eating local and more, all while raising awareness about the importance of choosing local restaurants and products.

The Restaurant Information Packet gives you details about how you can participate to have your restaurant promoted during Eat Local Month.

Is your restaurant or food business interested in participating? Fill out the application here!

As a participating restaurant we ask that you:

  • Prioritize ingredients grown, produced, and/or harvested within Massachusetts
  • Promote your involvement in Eat Local Month on your own social media platforms and website, #EatLocalMonthMA
  • Display and disseminate the promotional materials SBN provides
  • Share your menu details, dates of participation, etc. with SBN so we can promote your participation on our webpage
  • Complete our online survey upon conclusion of Eat Local Month

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with question to or (617) 395-0250.


The annual Sales Tax Holiday will occur on August 17-18. On the sales tax holiday weekend, purchases by individuals of most retail items, including meals, are not subject to the state sales tax or the local option meals tax.

*fish icon designates restaurant participation in Seafood Week (August 4-11) by offering a local seafood dish.


Is your restaurant or food business interested in participating?
Fill out the 2019 application here!